Transferring files from computer to iPod – Step-by-step guide

Transferring files from computer to iPod – Step-by-step guide

March 16, 2017

Nowadays, people can use various devices to enjoy their favorite’s movies and songs including on their desktop or laptop, smart phones, tablets, mp3 player, etc.

It’s easy to download the music or movie files from the Internet to your computer, you even can use a pen drive to copy it from another computer. But in the case of tablets or other devices like iPod, you may be not very familiar on it.

Luckily you can simple transfer the intended audio video files from your computer and this article will let you know how to do it.

  1. Make sure the file that you want to transfer is already in your computer hard drive.
  2. Go into ITUNES, select FILE dropdown menu, then “add file to library”
  3. You should now have this version of “Jack Straw” in your itunes library. Within the itunes library, right click on the song, then select “get info”, then select the “summary” tab. At the very bottom you should see where. If you saved the song in, for example, C:\My Music, then you should see in itunes that the where is: “C:\My Music\songname.mp3” MAKE SURE IT IS MP3 (NOT M3U – this is not a file, just a streaming location).
  4. If in fact the song is saved in your library as an MP3, you should have no problem adding it to your ipod when you sync to the ipod. You don’t have to convert the file to AAC, or lossless, etc. You simply add to itunes library and it’s ready to sync. Again, my suspicion is that you are downloading the “streaming” m3u connection to the VBR MP3 files rather than the VBR MP3 files themselves.
  5. If you find that this works, you’ll note that you don’t have to download each and every file separately. Instead, many shows have a zip file containing all the VBR mp3 files. And even if no zip file, you can always use something like “DownthemAll” (a plugin for Firefox), set the filter to “vbr.mp3” and automatically download all the vbr.mp3 files on any show page without having to click on each one.
  6. Another thought…if you are downloading the zip files with the vbr mp3 files, then adding the zip file to your itunes library (i don’t even know if this is possible), but if it lets you do this, then it certainly would NOT transfer the zip file to your ipod. If this is the issue, make sure you unzip the zip file so that you have the mp3 files extracted on your hard drive, then add those files (or the entire folder where they are stored) to your itunes library.

So, these six easy steps if you follow it closely you can get the job done pretty good. All the best!

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