How To Download Youtube Videos On Mac?

How To Download Youtube Videos On Mac?

January 23, 2017

The YouTube site has a very large collection of user uploaded videos which are very useful and can be saved on your computer for later viewing. A video on how to fix your iPod For example, can be saved to your computer, and be reviewed in case you need to do so again. This is the reason you need a software to enable you to download YouTube videos on Mac.

Download Youtube Videos On Mac

To save videos on a Mac, there are many software’s available that can help you to download or grab videos from youtube. Some of the software is free while others are not. But usually the freeware software has limited features or capabilities.

Here are some of the popular youtube video downloaders for Mac:

·         MacX YouTube Downloader for Mac

·         YTD Video Downloader for Mac

·         Wondershare YouTube Downloader for Mac

Every software has its own pros and cons as no software out there is perfect. Most of the software required you to download and install it before you can use the downloaders. The installation is pretty straight-forward and just follow the on-screen instructions. Once you installed, you can start to use the software.

Just to let you know that those youtube downloaders not only can download the video, you can also convert the downloaded video to a format of your choice, after being downloaded from YouTube on Mac. There is no need to use a two software system where you download then convert the YouTube Video. Both operations can be done with this one software and you can convert the downloaded video for your iPod and then transfer it!


Which Software is More Reliable and Suitable for You?

Consider the following when deciding which company’s product to use. How much, if any money, are you willing or able to spend in order to achieve that which you are trying to do. Many software programs offer free trial of the software or you can pay a good amount.

You may want to consider the different features highlighted in addition to the price and the choices for each product. iSkysoft, for instance, will focus on the ability of its product to “Effortlessly convert video to and from any format.” There are three other choices each different from the other in one or more of its features with a price range from $35 to $69.

The other software like the Wondershare brand, that goes for $69 highlights its capacity to rip, burn and convert.

Make sure you find the right Mac version, as most software on the market today, will have a version that is compatible with Microsoft.



The video downloader is not the only way that you can download the youtube videos. They are other ways like using the browser add-ons or online youtube downloader for Mac to get the video to your computer. Certain software like RealPlayer also can do the job pretty good. All the best in finding a great youtube video downloader.

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